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LAN Party rules and regulations


You agree that neither WNYGamersClub.com nor its members can be held liable for any damage to equipment or injuries to persons either while traveling to or from and during the time spent at the event location. In addition, you agree that the event location owners are not be held liable for any damages. You understand that equipment is your responsibility; you alone are responsible for its condition. WNYGamersClub.com or its members do not condone software pirating; however we cannot and will not police machines and network traffic trying to find such activity. Each individual is solely responsible for the software and copyright laws associated with that software that is located on their machine. Each person is responsible for their own actions and attitude. If you are acting in such a way that it is disturbing other players or causing damage to any equipment then you will be asked to leave the event with possible legal action taken for damaged equipment. There will be no refunds if you are asked to leave the premises. Each person will adhere to the rules and regulations as stated within this website. We do our best to make the WNYGamersClub.com events enjoyable for all attendees. If you have questions about our rules please bring contact us, or ask in person at an event.

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