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About Us


Twelve Years of Gaming! And We're Still Growing!


As of September 1st, 2013, we have more then 330 members, Over 20,000 posts, and we've had many countless LAN parties!


What the Future Holds:


Currently we're growing and working on establishing a permanent place for "Fragging", and as more people want in, we want to accommodate everyone we possibly can. We don't want to say NO to no one!


We currently try to get together ever second Saturday of the month and get our game on. Please check the forums or our Facebook page for information on the next event!


We've been meeting quite a few gamers in the area and one of the questions we've been asked is "Are we clan only?" Heck no! We are open to the public as stated above. We are here to have fun! We are Western New York's Premier Gamers Club. Click on the "Forums" link and sign up! Also feel free to let us know of other up coming LAN parties and/or groups in the area!

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